Caregiver Chronicles Part III: Our Fertility Journey Through Wes Body’s Eyes

I write this to the one I love, who has the key to my heart, who carries our joy within her…

It was a warm summer day in May and the breeze gently cooled us as we watched our tiny nephew smash his birthday cake. He was seated in his highchair in the middle of the driveway to my brother-in-law’s house and with each movement of his little hands, the cake became more dilapidated and his joy increased all the more. It was a hilarious sight- he had frosting and cake from head to toe, and the only person more happy than him, was my brother-in-law’s golden retriever who awaited new tufts of cake to fall from the chair for her to consume.

Six months have passed since our little nephew, Easton, had his first birthday. The day was one that Nicole and I would not soon forget: It was the day when Nicole and I decided that we were going to take practical steps toward bringing a child into this world together.

I had told Nicole the words, “I want one”, and from there it began. From that day forward, we had embarked on a journey that involved a number of tests and doctors’ appointments to see if it was possible for us to conceive a child when we were previously told it was highly unlikely.

We received good report after good report, and from God’s mercy, we were told that a miracle had happened- Nicole’s follicles had returned and were as healthy as ever. And then, after our first month trying naturally to conceive, Nicole and I cried in gratitude when we found out that we were now pregnant.

We knew that this was from the Lord and we did not feel deserving of such a gift. To this moment, we are grateful for all of the prayers and support that we have had on this adventure.

You have followed us and prayed for us and we can feel the fruit of that labor and we can see it working in our lives.

James 5:16 says, “The prayers of the righteous person have great power, as they are working. Effective!”

Do you know that your prayers have REAL power?

We can testify to this truth. When you pray, the Almighty God of the universe is listening. And when we pray in accordance with His will- He unleashes His power and might and accomplishes things far beyond what we could ever think or imagine.

On November 7, 2020 we assembled with friends and family to reveal God’s goodness in our lives once again. And we have news to share:


Photo courtesy of Christa Bailey Photography

This was such a magical day. One of our friends graciously let us use their home and backyard to host the reveal party. With guests gathered in-person and on Zoom, Nicole and I set off smoke grenades to reveal the gender of our baby girl. Bright and brilliant pink smoke poured out and everyone roared in applause as we cheered for baby Aurora. It was an amazing event.

Many people have asked why we chose the name “Aurora.” And I think it’s a story worth telling:

When we were told that Nicole had lost almost all fertility capabilities and that we could not have children naturally, it felt like darkness had swept over our hearts. Something had been taken away from us during cancer and it was hard to see hope that it ever could be a reality for the two of us.

When two lines showed on the pregnancy test that Nicole took, a light came back into our eyes: A light that had broken the darkness. Like the dawn of a day breaks through the night reminding us that the sun will rise yet once again.

The sunrise is on its way.

Photo courtesy of Christa Bailey Photography

Aurora means “the dawn of the day” or “the rising light of the morning.” We couldn’t think of a more fitting name for our little princess that was coming. (It also is perfect since Aurora is the name of Sleeping Beauty- we can’t deny that was an added bonus in selecting her name!)

Nicole is now 15 weeks pregnant and baby Aurora is currently the size of an avocado! As baby RoRo (as I like to call her) continues to grow, we would covet your continued prayers for her health.

As you pray for us- we echo the prayers you gave on our behalf to those who are amid family planning right now. We stand with you and we ask God to bless you with the light of your life in a child. Thank you for praying for us, and we in turn pray for you in your journey.

The next time you go to the Father in prayer- remember our story. Remember that He hears you and remember that He works through the prayers of the saints.

Photo courtesy of Christa Bailey Photography

To my sweet Nicole-

You, my love, are going to be the most wonderful mother. I hope that baby Aurora will look just like you and that she will have the heart of a princess just like her mom. Your heart for others, your compassion, your drive, your enthusiasm, your sparkle- I hope all get imputed to our precious little one. I promise that I will love Aurora, support her, encourage her, and cherish her- while you will be my first love, always.

Here is to May- when we welcome Aurora Body into this world!

With all my love,

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