The 3am Moments

It’s dark. It’s hard to see as your eyes slowly begin to adjust to an awakening that you cannot explain. As you roll over on the bed towards your nightstand, you see the face of a clock staring back at you: 3:00 a.m.

You sigh and roll your eyes. You’re the only one awake. The soft subtleties of the air conditioner gently rumble and you hear each and every natural creek echoing around you. You’re ready to go back to sleep, until suddenly you realize, your mind has heard the starter pistol of the “think-a-thon” and you are off to the races.

Here. This is the moment that most of us begin to head down a black hole of to-do lists, pain, hurt, self-pity, and, sometimes, questioning everything: the battle of the mind. Sleep is now a thing of the past. And thoughts begin to unfold:

“I am completely alone. No one understands me.”

“I do not like my circumstances. If only things were different, I would be happy.”

“I am terrified.”

 “I’ve become a burden to everyone around me.”

“I will never accomplish everything that needs to be done.”

“Great, now my whole day is going to be ruined due to lack of sleep.”

“God, I can’t feel you right now. You must have gotten worn out by me and left.”

Ever been there? I can tell you that I have.

The question I want to help answer today is this:

How do we get through these “3 a.m. moments”? 

Nicole looking out at the ocean off of a pier with her back facing the camera in a pink Disneyland shirt

I want to share a couple of verses and songs that help me. They are great reminders that God is with us when we wake in the middle of the night: when our minds often wander and spiral downward leading us down a dark path. The truths of God’s love for us can be hard to remember when we are groggy, afraid, in pain, or just lost in thought.

Here are some powerful and easy verses to memorize to help:

“For God gave us not a spirit of fear but of power and love and self-control.” -2 Timothy 1:7

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.” -Isaiah 26:3

Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” -James 4:7b

“Take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” -2 Corinthians 10:5b

I chose these songs below because I think they are relatable and uplifting when I find myself facing hard times. Maybe they will do the same for you!

  1. Never Alone – BarlowGirl
  2. Promises – Sanctus Real
  3. Just Be Held – Casting Crowns
  4. By Your Side– Tenth Avenue North
  5. Brokenness Aside – All Sons & Daughters
  6. Beautiful Things – Gungor
  7. Thy Will Be Done – Hillary Scott

My hope is that these will remind you who and Whose you are. Then, when your next 3am moment comes, your thoughts will be changed to these: 

“I am never alone. God understands me.”

“I do not like my circumstances, but even if things aren’t different and don’t change, I can experience joy and peace.”

“I am terrified, but I am in God’s capable hands.”

 “I am so thankful for the help of everyone around me.”

“I, and possibly with the help of others, will accomplish what needs to be done one thing at a time.”

“I may be tired tomorrow due to lack of sleep, but my whole day is not going to be ruined by it.”

“God, I can’t feel you right now, but I know you never get worn out by me, or anything, and that you will never leave me. Thank you for that. I love you.”

We serve a mighty and loving God who speaks LIFE into us. He doesn’t beat us up, He lifts us up! God is love {1 John 4:7-10} and the giver of hope, peace, and joy {Romans 15:13}!

I hope this gives you practical ways to battle the hard nights. Just know that all of us have these moments and thoughts. You aren’t crazy. You aren’t “less of a Christian”. You aren’t alone. You are loved and cherished and amazing. God is greater than fear and He will fight for you! Fill your mind with these amazing truths today and I hope you fall back asleep quickly with a smile on your face the next time you find yourself facing a 3 a.m moment. 

God bless you!

Sparkle On,
Nicole Body

Nicole standing at the beach looking down at the water with the ocean and pier faded in the background.Do you have any verses you like to read or songs to listen to during your “3 a.m. moments”? I would love for you to share those or anything else you do to help combat difficult nights!



  1. Never Alone by Barlow Girl got me through the most difficult time in my life. I also love ‘I Need You To Love Me’. It’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing this. I’ve spent countless nights awake with a racing mind so I relate. I’ll try to remember the lessons in your post! Xoxo

    PS – Plumb also has incredibly peaceful and beautiful music to help sooth a racing mind. Especially the album blink. Turn it on at bedtime. I promise you won’t regret it.

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    • Isn’t Never Alone incredible? It sounds like BarlowGirl has worked wonders for us!!! So thankful for their music! And thank you for the great suggestions on music!! And I love Plumb!!! Exhale is one of my favorites! I need her whole album though! You are amazing!! Sending my love to you and you are in my prayers!!!


  2. This.
    I was told many years ago that 3am was the “hour of the enemy”….not sure why. I Do know that when first diagnosed he would rouse me from deep, sad sleep just to say “You have cancer”
    Night after night (or rather morning after morning) for 3 days straight. Over and over: “You have cancer”
    I responded (weakly at first)
    “Yes, but I have Jesus”
    Finally-on that 3rd day, this back and forth went on for several minutes. My weak “….I have Jesus” became Bold!
    God’s covering through this journey is priceless. I would not choose this for myself or Anyone else, but-I have Jesus!

    It IS the common hour of abrupt break from sleep…it is sometimes a time for battle. It is the vulnerability of my mind and soul-I am glad I am not the only one who chooses scripture-powerful scripture-and song as the weapons in this fight.

    Ten Thousand Reasons

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    • “Yes, but I have Jesus!” This is truly incredible and brought me to tears. What a powerful testimony, Rochelle! Thank you SO much for sharing your heart and the amazing song to add to a playlist to take on the 3am moments. You are a blessing and a fighter. No matter what life throws at us, we have Jesus. I am so encouraged by this and by you today! Keep up the fight! You are not alone!


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